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You are ambitious and driven with an intense focus on business performance and career. You work long hours, often in a high-stress environment and are constantly challenged to solve difficult problems. You need to be focused, creative and alert at all times. All this, you can only do with an exceptional amount of energy and a brain which delivers the ability to focus sharply, to concentrate intensely, and with a high level of creativity.

The Performance of your Brain is your Capital

Your ability to perform at the highest level over a long period depends largely on the capacity of your brain. Your intellectual ability, the rate at which you learn, the way you solve problems, your capability to make decisions and your emotional resilience against stress are what differentiates you from an average to a great leader. In short, the performance of your brain is your capital and relates directly to your business success.

The Potential to Increase Brain Performance

Until not long ago, scientists were under the assumption that we were born with a particular level of intelligence and that we were limited in our ability to achieve. That has changed and it has now been established that you have the potential to improve the performance and capacity of your brain.

Lifestyle Choices Impact Your Brain’s Performance

What you may not know is that the performance of your brain is influenced by your lifestyle choices, the food you eat, the kind of exercise you do, and how well you manage stress. Not surprisingly, Executives have a high chance of living a life that weakens the power of their biggest asset, their brain, by experiencing high levels of stress, a diet high in sugar and trans fats, lack of exercise and sleep and often too much alcohol.

Let’s be honest; your priority is work and business; it’s rarely health and well-being unless your health status demands immediate attention. Your lack of routine and time makes it hard to exercise and follow a healthy eating regime. Working less to spend more time on your health is not an option for you.

Aligning with your Business Goals

Brain Power Coaching for Executives and Business Owners is tailored to your needs as a busy Executive. In the coaching process, we explore how health and wellness fit into your priority of business and how you can match your environment at home and in the business to support your health goals AND your business goals.

Your Environment must be supportive of the changes you make

The coaching process includes training of your support staff like your Personal Assistant and your housekeeper; we explore your productivity, calendar management, tools to manage stress on the fly and assist you with a lifestyle that increases your brain performance so that you can do what you are best at…. building you business.

What are the benefits and outcomes of working with a Brain Power Coach?

While the benefits and outcomes depend on your personal circumstances, goals and actions you take, I have listed below some benefits and outcomes you can experience after working with a Brain Power Coach:

  • Increased cognitive function of your brain, like better problem solving and sharper thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced learning ability
  • Increased productivity, creativity and focus
  • Better decision making, even under pressure and stress
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Reduce the risk of burnout
  • Increase in resilience and a feeling of calm and control

What can you expect from the Executive Brain Power Coaching program?

  • When entering a coaching relationship both parties have to be equally committed and invested in the coaching process. While we facilitate the process, it is your input and commitment that makes our journey together a success or not. Signing up in itself, will not improve your brain power, you have to do the work. To ensure you fully understand the process and commitment of our time together, I like to schedule a pre-signup meeting via Zoom that will give both of us the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and establish a good fit.
  • We offer a minimum 3-month commitment to my clients so we can achieve sustainable and long term results.
  • Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Please be aware that we may need the additional help of medical practitioners or naturopaths for testing or supplementation.
  • We explore your daily habits that support or decrease brain function and if necessary replace those habits with new habits that support the identified goals.
  • We support you to adjust your environment including possible training of your support staff, help you to conquer the challenges of eating healthy every day including the days you are too tired to cook or have to eat out for work. We find solutions that meet your busy schedule no matter if you are working in your home city or travel around the world.
  • We provide education on some brain power facts and tips and tricks that you may not know so that you can make good decisions for life.
  • Main areas of concern, and very typical for Entrepreneurs, are inflammation, stress management and gut health.
  • We identify and eliminate any roadblocks that may have prevented a lifestyle that supports maximum brain function in the past.
  • Most importantly we find solutions by working together WITH YOU that fit YOUR life, YOUR values, and YOUR purpose.

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