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Is being healthy hard?

I don't think so but I see so many people struggle with being healthy. I believe that health is a mindset and an attitude towards life. And while being healthy includes enjoying nutritious food, it doesn’t end there.

For me health starts with an expectation that life is awesome and that you are worth living life with fun, energy, and well-being. Being stressed, exhausted, sick and overweight is not how it should be!

Unfortunately, being healthy is not normal anymore. The food we eat is highly processed, being sick and unwell is accepted as normal. Being stressed, overworked and exhausted are badges of honour.

My blog is all about putting fun back into health and making it simple by educating, inspiring and helping you to create one healthy habit at a time. I explore food that is delicious, healthy and simple to make. I review products, books and share tips and tricks to stay on track with your health & wellness goals.

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